What is Blockchain Technology and Cloud Computing

Blockchain Technology and Cloud Computing:

Blockchain technology and cloud computing both have proven the best combination in this modern age of creativity. Blockchain and cloud computing have certain features that make them suitable to use in the current era. These both technologies have played significant role in transforming certain sectors of industries. Cloud computing is considered as one of the advanced technologies that works with Blockchain that is used to manage and change the integrity of data and offers a valuable infrastructure. This article emphasizes on the importance of these advanced technologies and will show the intersection of both and their importance in different sectors of industries.

Introduction to Blockchain:

It is one of the biggest technologies that is considered as the safest mode of for keeping transaction records and stores the data of multiple participants in the network. It securely verifies all the data related to transactions made and uses certain techniques to keep the integrity of the record, these specialties play a vital role in making it a hit technology in those advanced era.

Characteristics of Blockchain Technology:

Following are the important characteristics of blockchain technology:

Decentralization of Authorities:

 The operating system of blockchain is advanced as it enables the participants means node, to interact and operate. They have access to the ledger copy which quits allows to function without any central authority. It decentralizes the need of these authorities such as banks and other transaction methods.  Blockchain has proven its technique by providing secure operating system and eliminates the chances of failures which leads to a successful functioning.


 This technology provides transparency of all the data. As it keeps a record of all data entered and exchanged on it. All that record is maintained in a chronological pattern and all participants have access to this data. This gains the trust of participants and ensure the security of the data. Any changes can be seen easily through this network.

Security insurance:

 This is the most important characteristic of the Blockchain that it ensures the security of the data. It is totally based on the cryptographic techniques as the data or any exchange of data is recorded by linking it to previous ones using the same technique, turning it into a chain like system. It is secured from any kind of cyber-attacks or hacking.


 It is difficult to make changes in the entered data because the transaction gets recorded once they are done. This characteristic makes blockchain a safe and most preferable technology to consider while making transactions because data integrity is on priority in systems like digital identify verification and chain management.

Efficacy and Consumer friendly:

 It has proven one of the fastest and most demanding technology of processing transaction and keeping data secured and recorded. It reduces the time and cost too as compare to other methods as they consume a lot of time and money too. It doesn’t require any manual paperwork and makes the process simple and fastest.

Use Cases and Applications:

There are so many useful applications of Blockchain technology although few are mentioned here:


One of the most important and famous application blockchain technology is the creation of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple etc.  It provides the direct service to consumers without any mediators like banks. It enables the safe and secure transactions making it a worth it technology.

 Chain Management:

 Blockchain enables the end-to-end traces of the movement of the goods, modernizing the process of supply chain management. It verifies the authenticity as it provides a secured and safe methods of transaction, gaining the trust of participants.

Provision of Financial Services:

 This technology provides advanced financial services such as payments across the borders and worldwide payments services along identity authentication, is one of the best services provided by blockchain technology. It allows secured and fast transactions in less cost.

Services in Healthcare:

 Blockchain is proven to be a best security system in healthcare departments as it can keep a record of patient data and enables health care providers to share data between each other when it’s necessary. It also enhances the privacy of insurance claims.

Balloting Systems:

  Blockchain technology ais very helpful and reliable for balloting system. As it enables a fair voting system. Votes are recorded on blockchain and be secured there for further counting and making a fair balloting system in the country. 

Individual’s Property Management:

 Blockchain system offers a platform where one’s intellectual property can be managed with proper rights and regulations. It keeps the e record of owners and keep the disputes away.

Commodity Trading:

 Commodity trading is the trading of energy products and blockchain allows person to person energy trading. Participants can now buy and sell products using this technology. It allows the fair dealings and promotes the viable commodity trading.

Introduction to Cloud Computing:

Blockchain Technology and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides access computing services using internet. It enables users to experience and get benefits from computing technologies. Users can rely on cloud computing for their data storage and its management now. It has eliminated the importance of local serves.

Different Cloud Service Models:

Following cloud models are considered as best for users:


 Infrastructure serves as a cloud computing model.  It is accessible in storing data as it offers many advanced machinery and storage capabilities. It is very user friendly as the users can access to their data and manage it without facing any difficulties. That is why it is considerable model for cloud computing.

 A best Platform:

It serves as platform that offers complete guidance about this application. As users can now use this platform to know about the complete details of the application including its development, programming languages and the framework and other procedures. Users can use this application without worrying.


 It also serves as a software that is a cloud service model that allows users to take advantage of their software application through internet. This is provided by a host that is why users can use without worrying about any problems as they are managed and controlled by the provider. This software includes many collaborations tools and online email system.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

Following are the advantages of Cloud Computing:


 Cloud computing is known for its extensibility as it can handle the computing resources very well. It can scale the resources according to the demand. This characteristic makes the business more successful by handling variations in the workload.

Cost friendly:

 Cloud computing is totally based on the software and internet that is why it is very cost friendly as it diminishes the need of huge investments. It doesn’t involve any hardware so there is no need to invest in hardware. Operating system is designed in such a way that users pay whenever they use a service, so it unloads the extra traffic from the network and keeps the record simple.

Application Accessibility:

 Cloud Computing enables users to access their data using their applications from any corner of the world using internet service. It promotes the virtual collaborations and allows to work in remote setups. Users have choice, they can access to their desired clouds as per to their requirements.

Reliability of the software:

 users’ access to keep their records measures in place and they are also provided with their records backups. This computing system is so efficient that it also has recovery plans and can prevent any failure in the system.

Blockchain Technology and Cloud Computing

Advanced Arrangements:

 Cloud computing has the ability for rapid arrangements in applications. It has made it possible for users to access resources in minutes and products can get promoted in the market in minutes. It has become one of the successful technologies in this era.

Data Analysis:

Cloud computing has the power to analyses large data volumes. For a profitable business it is important to keep the insights of their products. Hence cloud computing has access to the provision of data insights and making the operational system efficient.  It has a set of specific tools to analyze data and then interpret it.

Internet Placements:

Cloud Computing is based on internet services that is why it supports internet arrangements or devices. It provides access of those services that can collect data and store it from other internet providers.

Cloud computing with Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Cloud computing has collaborated with AI technology. It offers resources for machine learning while using the artificial technology. It controls the extensibility of the system so that Industry can flourish without investing in huge amounts on hardware devise and technology.


The synergies between Blockchain and cloud computing can draw innovative results. With the combination of these two advanced technologies with their distinguished features many synergic advantages occur to give the desired output. This synergy of these technology plays an importance role in the revolution of industries by combining the infrastructural features of blockchain and flexibility of cloud computing. With the introduction of computing techniques in blockchain makes it possible to scale without any issues. Advanced data management and secured networks are the key features of this synergy between these two technologies.

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