What are the Ethical Issues of Big Data Analytic in 2024

What are the Ethical Issues of Big Data Analytic:

In this article you will learn about ethical issues and how you should use technology in a right and sincere way. In this modern era, everyone is using technology for their own tasks. Artificial intelligence is a right hand of technology because it is the thing which is used the most. There exists another feature which tells us how to use the technology in a right way, it makes sure that we use technology in a responsible way. There are some ethical considerations which must be viewed and follow, you must not use the technology against the environment or perform any task which causes harm to the environment. Ethical considerations make us look out for everyone and makes sure that we use technology for our personal use only. You should always look out for everyone in a way that you care about others around you and not use the technologies against anyone for any purpose.

Enhancement of ethics in modern world:

As the technology is growing too much significance of ethics have become mandatory, because we must know about right and wrong, what we do using advanced technologies. Ethical considerations make us know that what if we are using the technology in the right way or not what if you try to damage others privacy and data. By understanding the ethical considerations in this digital age we can know that we use it in a right way and we respect peoples write, we care about the environment. We must promote trust and equality in the society so that everyone cares for others and do not overuse the advanced features and technologies occurring in this age.

Big Data and data analytics:

There are very common questions that arise when big data and data analytics is used. Generally it is very important for people to know about their privacy and some personal data because when big data and data analytics arise people are scared that if their privacy would be secured or not, if other people rights would be given or not. So it is very important to sort out these type of questions. We must know that if the data is collected under the ethical rules or no. If the data is kept responsibly or not. When data is analyzed under the mandatory ethical rules, then the data is used in a right way and people care about others rights too.

Responsible Data handlers:

This article subjects that data must be used responsibly. Responsible data governance means that governance takes care of the data in a responsible manner. We must take care of the data in right manner so that no one else around you is not impaired. As we have discussed before that this is the age of digital world and there is plenty of large data being analyzed so everyone must take care of it in a responsible way. If we take care of data, and seek out if the data is used in a right way or not then a trust can be formed in a society relevant to these type of issues. Many other people will also take care of other privacy and handle the data carefully.

Understanding Big Data and Data Analytics:

By understanding big data and data analytics you must know that big data is a collection of data consumed from various websites, applications and social media. There are some special tools or applications which make us understand the data better. When data is collected it is utilized by data analyzing. Because just by collecting the data has no purpose, data must be keep responsibly and utilized in a right way. When data will be organized and utilized in a proper way then many big companies and firms will gain the ability to make better decisions and get advantages.

What is Big Data?

Big data gives organizations ability to make better decisions and find new and good patters of advantages. Big data is purposeless until it is organized and utilized in better way. Big data is collection of large information gathered from different company’s social media etc. It must be handled in a right way that does not cause any harm to the environment and people around you. This information or big data is very important for everyone because it may contain personal information of companies or citizens.

The importance of Data Analytics:

Data analytics play a key role in extracting information from a large set of data or big data. It helps many companies to use the extracted insights from utilized data to level up their performance. In this instance organizations get the ability to make better decisions for their economy. By using this data they can get to know about their customers and know how to make their business better.

Advantages and disadvantages of Big Data and Data Analytics:

n this article we will also discuss some advantages and disadvantages of Big Data and Data Analytics. Big Data and data analytics helps many firm to make better choice, companies learn new things, they are introduced to new upcoming technologies. On the other hand it also have some disadvantages likewise if more data is being studied or collected then there is a high chance that the data is not safe or secured. Because there are many scammers roaming around in search of peoples personal data and information. When more data is collected there is also a high chance that people may get access to the data, so mainly we can say that when there is more data collected it is not safe. There is also another disadvantage that big data and data analysis depends upon human intelligence so there can me some mistakes made. When these mistakes are made then there is high chance of the data being exploited?

Ethical Issues of Big Data Analytic

Security and protection of data:

As we have discussed before that data security is most important because everyone wants that their data must be secured. People make sure that their data is secured and it is not viewed or stolen by anyone. In this instance wherever you store your data they may create fake copies of it and store it, by this even if the scammers get access to the storage they will not be able to view the original data because its fake copies will be displayed. It is not easy for different firms to take care of your data because there are always cyber threats roaming around. Moreover you must look out for those applications or wallets that have some rating or are reviewed by some people. Always look out for their ratings before trusting them, because securing your data is the first priority.

Fairness and sincerity in Data analytics:

Again it discusses that you must make sure that the one who analyzes data is fair and is bias free. Basically Bias means that one gets against you in an unfair manner. So make sure that your data is in safe hands. As we have discussed before that data analytics uses some special keys or algorithms which analyzes your data, but if any mistake occurs while analyzing the data then it may become an issue for your data. It may not be stored in a safe way. Maybe your data may be used unfairly. So you must make this sure by yourself that the algorithms or special keys used by data analytics are useful, fair and right. Because when you look out these point by yourself then you may not face any challenge according to the protection of your data.

Ethical Issues of Big Data Analytic

Data usage and transparency and accountability:

Transparency and accountability in Data Usage generally means that firms or companies which collect data, they fairly show that what is being collected or stored. This means as transparency. On the other hand when companies or firms take responsibility of your data or handle your data with their own responsibility then this is known as accountability. So being transparent and accountable means that you gain trust of people and you make sure that their data is stored or used in a correct manner or it is used in a right way.
When you follow the mandatory ethical rules, you make sure that you are responsible for others data and people gain trust in you.


In conclusion we will discuss about what we have learned in this article. First of all we learned about ethical considerations which were used by people to make sure that others data is used in a fair and right way. There were some common ethical rules followed by companies to make sure that data is secured and used in a right way. Because there is always a risk of getting your data stolen or damaged. Mainly this article teaches us how to make sure that if your data is used in a right way or not. Because there are always cyber threats which may cause loss to our data.

Ethical Issues of Big Data Analytic

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