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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence AI and Cybersecurity:

In this modern world, a new era has started and may take over humans’ creations or intelligence. Artificial Intelligence AI is the leader of the era. It allows computers and machineries to do various task using the commands of humans. By following the instructions of humans AI can perform various tasks on its own. It also has decision making power, it can make decisions on its own. Moreover Cyber securities also take help from the AI. AI provides a large amount of data about anything and cyber security protects the data from various cyber threats and damages. If you want to protect any website from any cyber threats or damages then you would need its data, and AI can provide its data with accuracy. Then it would be possible to protect it from scams and cyber threats. AI also helps in threat determination procedure. Cybersecurity works on the specific type of cyber threats.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

With the passage of time, usage of AI is getting popular day by day. AI helps people to perform their hard tasks accurately with ease. AI helps machineries perform tasks under the human intelligence. AI can perform various tasks by using instructions of humans. AI has many uses in this modern world. Just like it helps doctors to treat patients without suffering from any tension or anything else. In the absence of AI doctors used to study medical reports and predict patients’ data manually using computers. But now AI has helped so much, it can read patients reports and write patients data automatically in computers with the help of main key points provided by the doctors. So it helped in the medical profession too.
AI does helps in other industries too just like, in finance it helps bankers, e wallets to trace fraudulent content or other scams. It also provoked the concept of software payments or e-wallets. It also helped in the ease of storing sending or receiving payments. Online payments made it easier for people to deal with payments at any place.
Moreover AI helped in transport too because it also provoked the concept of auto pilot transport services. Like the most famous and popular auto driving car (TESLA). It is also based on the AI concept. Passengers sitting in auto pilot cars can do anything like they can do their work sitting in a moving car without dealing with the traffic stuff because the car will deal with it.
Artificial Intelligence also helped students in their studies. They can now study and collect data from anywhere or from any site. They can collect useful information from one platform like (Chatgpt, google bard etc.). The virtual assistants in mobile phones or laptops is also introduced from Artificial intelligence.
The AI is literally everywhere. We can relate like everything around us to AI because, take an example of weather. AI predicts weather of upcoming days or months too. It also helps farmers too. Future of the world is in the hands of AI.

Introduction to cybersecurity and the challenges it faces:

Now on the other hand, this article will introduce you to another AI security system call Cyber security. Cybersecurity is the main security feature for you. It protects you from scammer in every kind. Once in a life you may have received emails or newsletters about scams or others. The feature which indicates a scam email as scam is cyber security. It also protects your e- wallets or hardware wallets in such a way that, it adds up a layer to the security of your wallets. It protects your payments from being scammed or disturbed. But this also doesn’t do as much as you can do to protect your payments, wallets, and your personal data because the scammer use different techniques to steal your data. But new technologies cannot do as much as you can. So make sure that you have 2FA and strong passwords.

Detection of AI based Threats and preventions

AI-Based Threat Detection and Prevention describes that the Artificial intelligence helps people to avoid online cyber threats and scams. Scammers use different ways to steal your data like by sending fake emails or newsletter but AI has transformed the system as much as they fail at the end in their scam objectives. AI technology keeps you up to date and makes it sure that you must know about scammers and their tricks that may cause harm. If anything bad happens in the sense of AI then it takes action against those people and inform it to you. Usage of AI technology helps us to stay one step ahead of these scammers so that we can protect our data from being robbed.

Detection of patterns using AI algorithms

Artificial Intelligence has improved a lot in a sense AI has some detective which make you know about scammers. Basically these detectives are called AI algorithms. These algorithms are very smart, they are always behind the scammers. They know what a scammer is trying to do. They help you to find those things about scammers which anything else cannot. You can take an example of a huge bunch of yellow mangoes and the task is that you have to find a green one in them. So what will you do, you will check out each of them and find the green one. Here in this situation AI algorithms can quickly over view all of them and let you know about the green one. They can detect patterns with such ease that nobody else can. AI algorithms keep track of fraudulent content and scams that in occur in transaction which causes loss.

Automatic response:

Automated Incident Response and Cyber Defense states that there is a team of detectives which helps people in resolving their issues without the intelligence of humans. Just like if you receive an online cyber threat about your payments, then these detective will automatically work and detect the type of threat and the scammer’s details, they may ban the area around it so no damage is caused. These detective automatically react to scammers they block their threats and fix the damages caused. So everyone must have these digital guards to protect their digital data and further stuff. Because scammers are everywhere and we cannot remove every each of them. So it is reliable to have such types of detectives which help you prevent any scam.Ability of AI based security systems
As we have discussed earlier that AI offers us advanced features but there are also some risks handling your personal data to it. It provokes cyber security but you don’t need to trust it 100 %. As much it helps you to advance your knowledge about technology and crypto, it can be a danger for you too. One defect of AI algorithms is that if hackers or scammers gain control over these AI detectives then the threats which were being exposed by AI would not be exposed and you will have to take care of your data by yourself. Always keep in mind that don’t depend on these type of services, take care of your personal and important data by yourself. If AI algorithms get handed over to the scammers or hackers they may operate the systems and may come back with more serious attacks. More over this article will completely guide you about artificial technology, its advantages and defects. Basically AI systems are trained by their manufacturers in a way that they can provide you data with accuracy, nonetheless if AI occurs any mistake in the data or if it is left incomplete then it may cause loss, or its security may become weaker. And it may be easy for hackers and scammers to attack your systems. As we have learned before that AI systems work on the principle of human intelligence, these systems work under the guidance and instructions of humans. Scammers may also use this technique, may try to become sincere with AI systems and try to manipulate it with wrong information and force AI make wrong decisions which may also become easier for hackers or scammers to attack. If the AI systems get manipulated by the scammers then it can lead to wrong decisions. In this era mostly the security industries use AI technology, and make the security systems depend on the AI technology. If any mistake occurs in security protocols then it may become a danger for every user of the network. Because when security is not safe then your data could not be saved from hackers and scammers.
So at the end I will say that you must be aware and make sure that if you ever use AI technology in any sense then you must make sure that you should once over view it that if there is any mistake or not because these little mistakes make your data unsafe. So be aware of it and take care of your documents, files or personal data.

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